What Are The Best Mobile Plans in Norway?

Mobile plans in Norway which are offered by trusted and established provider companies typically offer the most appealing deals. In fact, there are three provider companies which tend to grab most of Norway’s business and these are Telenor, Ice.net and Komplett.no.

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While there are other companies which offer the same types of services, you’ll do well to check out these three well-known companies online. Their official websites are great places to check out their various service packages and prices. Since these provider companies are large, they offer the variety that customers want, such as access to different tiers of coverage.

Also, when you look at these big provider companies first, you’ll get a sense of what the largest, most famous companies charge for mobile network service. This will be helpful if you want to compare prices amongst smaller companies later. You’ll be able to figure out if smaller companies offer competitive deals or not.


Is a Monthly Plan Right for You?

If you’re a long-time resident of Norway (it’s your home country) and you want to access mobile network service which is always there when you need it, you’ll benefit from considering a monthly plan. Monthly plans offer set amounts of minutes and data for flat rates. Some plans are more basic and others cost more, but offer more features.

When considering packages from big providers, you should take your data and phone minute needs into account. If you’re torn between a basic plan which is super-affordable and a mid-range plan which costs more, but offers more data and minutes, consider whether or not the basic plan really delivers in terms of giving you enough data and minutes.

If it doesn’t, you’ll probably need to pay overage charges on a fairly consistent basis and they can get costly. It’s often preferable to spend a little more on a plan that has more features. If you need a lot of everything, a high-end plan (the most expensive that the mobile network provider offers) will be a smart choice.


Should You Pay As You Go?

Another option is the pay as you go style of service, which is referred to as Kontantkort within Norway. It’s the easiest way to get service in the country and it’s especially popular with visitors to Norway who don’t plan to stay in the nation for long periods of time. It’s preferable to a tourist using a home country mobile network while in Norway, as roaming charges are often very high.

To get a pay as you go mobile phone, you may see if your existing phone works in the country. If it does, you won’t need to buy another. You’ll just need to purchase a brand-new SIM card which works with any phone number in Norway. Put the SIM card into the phone you have or buy a new one.

When you use this method of accessing mobile phone service, you will have to register the number yourself. However, this is easy to do.

Now that you have the inside scoop on mobile plans in Norway, why not find the right plan today?